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OVERLAPPING: This is  a new composition created by the engulfment of one element. The other elements are still there yet hidden.


BACKGROUND/FOREGROUND: The difference in scale results in a different view of what is dominant and what is carrying the weight of the composition.


TRANSPARENT/OPAQUE: The original composition manipulated the usage of the opacity to cut of parts of shapes to create new abstract shapes. The new move goes through the act of revealing what is underneath through the shape.


ANGLE: this new composition plays off of the idea of creating new and different angles using the same three rectangles that already had interesting relationships with one another.


TANGENT AND MODIFICATION: the basic shapes of the circles were retained but each of the circles can now change into the same size circle with the same borders. The difference in context makes the new circles look like different sizes, but in reality all of the circles turn into the same circle.

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