Choose one of the Scandinavian countries (link to other countries at the bottom) and construct its flag in two ways: using absolute positioning and using floated divs. Apply the links to both from one post assigned to assignment 1. The size of the flag is up to you.


  1. Exercise solution with Float
  2. Exercise solution with absolute positioning
  3. Recap of html/css basics
  4. Updated recap of html/css basics and boxing


4 Week 1: Concrete forms    f   b 2,653       


  1. Syntax: declaration blocks, comma separated selectors
  2. Padding, Margin, Background, Border, Width, Height
  3. Units, Colors
  4. The natural flow of a page
  5. Floats and Clear
  6. Code an 8×8 black and red checkboard
  7. Absolute, Relative and Fixed Positioning (z-index)
  8. View source and Inspector

Positioning example

Link here

CSS Basics

CSS Positioning

4 Week 1: Concrete forms    f   b 121       


  1. Browsers read HTML. HTML is structure.
  2. Collection of well-formed tags.
  3. Required elements: html, head, title, body
  4. Block elements: headers, paragraphs, nesting
  5. Inline elements: anchor, strong, em, img


4 Week 1: Concrete forms    f   b 2,274